Returning to the US

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Returning Home

You’re back on campus and may have some readjusting to do. Refer to the checklist below to confirm you have taken care of all administrative tasks.

  1. Complete your post-study abroad evaluation. Your feedback is extremely valuable to ensure the success of our future programs.
  2. Pick up your host institution transcripts from the Study Abroad Center.
  3. Set up an appointment with your academic advisor to ensure your classes transfer back as planned and you are registered for the upcoming semester.
  4. Meet with your college’s Career Services office to update your résumé to include your international experience (more info).
  5. See Continue Your International Experience for more suggestions.

Many students do not anticipate the “reverse culture shock” that comes with re-entry. Remember how difficult it was to adjust to changes in everyday life when you first arrived in your host country? Well, it will take some time to adjust to life at home, too! You may struggle to effectively communicate your experiences to friends and family members or you may find it difficult to readjust to the structure of classes at Iowa State. Whatever it is, refer to the resources below for tips on how to successfully manage your re-entry phase.

Reverse Culture Shock, The Center for Global Education’s Study Abroad Student Handbook

What’s up with Culture? University of the Pacific School of International Studies

Re-Entry pdf from the Study Abroad Center