Types of Programs


Before searching programs in our database, ISUAbroad, it’s helpful to understand the kinds of programs we offer — not just the location and courses offered, but the program structure or model.  

Iowa State study abroad programs can be identified as either short-term or long-term. Short-term programs refer to those during summer or breaks. Long-term programs are 1-2 semesters long. Students should think about which program duration fits best with their major, budget, lifestyle, and comfort level.  

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs are typically 1-2 semesters long and a student is billed normal Iowa State tuition and fees. These programs can be cost effective for students who pay in-state tuition. 

Direct Partner Programs

Iowa State has partnerships with many universities around the world. On a direct program, students can study for a semester or summer and will pay the program fee established by the partner. For some programs, this fee is less expensive than Iowa State out-of-state tuition and fees.

Affiliate Provider Programs

In some locations where we do not have direct partners, we work with provider programs. These semester or summer programs typically offer additional support and charge a bundled program fee including tuition, housing, excursions, and more.

Faculty-Led & Travel Courses Programs

On these programs you travel abroad with professors and a group of Iowa State students. Most faculty led programs occur during the summer months or during breaks, however a few take place during a semester. Students are charged a program fee that covers various program expenses, and depending on when the program runs, students may also pay Iowa State tuition and fees in addition to the program fee.