Deakin University

  • Semester or Calendar Year
  • Exchange and Flat Fee Program
  • Areas of study include Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Business, Human Sciences, Engineering, Design, and more.

University of Newcastle

  • Semester, Summer, or Calendar Year
  • Exchange and Flat Fee Program
  • Academically strong in Engineering, Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences

University of Tasmania

  • Semester or Calendar Year
  • Areas of study popular with Iowa State students include Animal Science, Marine and Antarctic Studies, Engineering, Studio Art, Urban Design

University of Western Australia

  • Semester or Calendar Year
  • Exchange Program
  • Primarily for College of Design, others with permission

School for Field Studies Center for Rainforest Studies

  • Semester Program: Tropical Rainforest Studies
  • Summer Programs: Marsupials of Australia or Farming for the Future - Australia and Bali
  • Travel to the Great Barrier Reef to learn about the biological links between rainforest and reef ecosystems

University of Sydney

  • Semester or Summer options
  • Offering courses in Architecture, Business, Engineering, Social Sciences, and many more

University of New South Wales

  • Spring Semester or Calendar Year
  • Exchange and Flat Fee Program
  • Particularly strong for Engineering major

New Zealand

Massey University

  • Semester or Calendar Year
  • Offering courses in Ag. Business, Animal Science, Business, Engineering, Industrial Design, Human Sciences, Music, and more.
  • Global Student Athlete and Internship options also available.

University of Waikato

  • Semester or Calendar Year
  • Exchange and Flat Fee Program
  • Some popular areas that interest ISU students are: accounting, climate change, supply chain management, Maori and indigenous studies, computer science, cyber security, and social sciences
  • Research and Internship options also available. 

University of Otago

  • Semester or Calendar Year
  • Popular areas of study are biology, geology, environment and society, Maori culture, biochemistry, kinesiology, human nutrition, humanities, engineering

University of Canterbury

  • Semester or Calendar Year
  • Particularly strong for Engineering majors