Responsible for program billing, intl insurance, study abroad visas, & ISUAbroad.  Advises on ESSEC, Solvay, LCOF and Paris American Academy programs.  Assist with faculty-led programs.

Processes P-card transactions, insurance enrollments, employee reimbursements, some visa materials, account­ing paper­work, and ISUAbroad mate­r­ial sub­mis­sions. Pro­vides backup for the Center’s busi­ness manager.

Program Coordinator for the Asian exchange programs, supervising the student Peer Advisors, and will be charged with increasing diversity and internship opportunities abroad.

Senior Program Coordinator. General advising. Advising and program management for - affiliate provider programs; direct enroll outgoing; incoming SAC exchange students; scholarships. Technical support for ISUAbroad.

Oversees SAC programs, SAC finances, institutional agreements, safety, risk, emergency response, student orientation, program director workshops, policy & procedures, coordinates programs in Italy & Greece, Program Director for Italy Shorts programs.

Coordinates SAC’s outreach efforts, manages programs in Australia and New Zealand.

Responsible for the coordination of the SAC’s marketing strategy (including print materials, the website, and promotional events), manages programs in Germany, Ireland, Scandinavia, and the UK.

Program Assistant, statistics, writes and edits handbooks and brochures, Education Abroad Committee coordinator, advises on scholarships and on working, interning, teaching, and volunteering abroad.

Graduate assistant. Edits and creates webpages, brochures, posters, signs, and banners.


Peer Advisors

Ethel Banks
Major: Civil Engineering
University: Seoul National University
Location: South Korea

Rebecca Garner
Major: Animal Ecology
University: University of Tasmania
Location: Australia

Name: Zachary Kornse
Major: Geology
University: University of Otago
Location: New Zealand

Aditi Saldanha
Major: Architecture
University: University College Cork
Location: Ireland

Nick Topping
Major: Business Management
Program: Dublin Internship
Location: Ireland

Name: Louis Vicchiollo
Major: Statistics
University: John Cabot University
Location: Italy

Austin Anderson
Major: Journalism
Program: Dublin Internship
Location: Ireland

Name: Renee Gibney
Major: Supply Chain Management
University: Lorenzo de' Medici Institute
Location: Italy

Sophie Spragg
Major: Accounting & Finance
University: University of Exeter
Location: England

Sam Van Oort
Major: Political Science
University: Nagoya University
Location: Japan

Michael Kinley
Major: Finance & International Business
University: ESSEC Business School 
Location: France

Name: Brighton Lui
Major: Supply Chain Management & International Studies
University: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Location: Hong Kong

Name: Caroline Sass
Major: Supply Chain Management
University: University of Newcastle
Location: Australia

Name: Abigail Von Handorf
Major: Agriculture & Life Sciences Education
University: Philipps University of Marburg
Location: Germany