Manages the Study Abroad Center and its staff. Leads strategic planning for the SAC. Oversees the SAC budget. Collaborates with college study abroad units to provide study abroad experiences.

Responsible for program billing, ISUAbroad, international insurance, and study abroad visas. Advises programs in France and Belgium. Assists with centralized MOU management.

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Manages programs and internships in Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America. Coordinates scholarship materials and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

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Exchange coordinator for incoming students on Study Abroad Center programs. Coordinates programs and internships in Asia, Africa, Greece, Italy, the Middle East, and all School for Field Studies programs. Serves as the co-chair of the ISUAbroad Committee.

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Responsible for the coordination of the SAC’s marketing strategy (including print materials, web, and events). Manages programs and internships in the British Isles, Eastern Europe, Germany, Netherlands, Semester at Sea, Scandinavia, and Spain.

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