University of Exeter

  • Semester or Summer options
  • Exchange program
  • Open to all majors, but especially good program for business, humanities, kinesiology, science, social science and engineering students
  • Exeter has two campuses, one in Exeter and one in Cornwall, providing students two very different British experiences

Lancaster University

  • Semester or Academic Year
  • Exchange program
  • Classes available in humanities, sciences, social sciences, and business, among other academic areas
  • Located near large British cities like Manchester and Liverpool, and close to the Lake District National Park

London Internship Program

  • Semester or Summer options
  • Combination of internship and courses. Internship placements in arts and theater, business, hospitality, journalism, politics, psychology, and public relations are most common

University of Westminster in London

  • Semester or Summer options
  • The program is open to all majors, but is especially suited for business, media, psychology, and humanities students

Brunel University

  • Limited to Engineering students

London College of Fashion

  • Semester or Summer options
  • Program focus is for Apparel, Merchandising and Design or Industrial Design majors

Royal Agricultural University

  • Limited to CALS students

University College London

  • Limited to Engineering students

University of Birmingham

  • Limited to Engineering students


University of Edinburgh

  • Semester or Academic Year
  • Many academic areas are available, including engineering, sciences, humanities, and social sciences
  • Study at one of the UK’s most historic and prestigious universities

Glasgow Caledonian University

  • Semester or Summer options
  • Exchange program with good options for some College of Human Sciences majors and some other majors


Swansea University

  • Spring Semester or Academic Year
  • Exchange option available
  • Good academic fit for business, engineering, humanities, kinesiology, science, and social science students
  • As the second largest city in Wales, located along the coast, this is a great program for students who like to explore the outdoors


University College Cork

  • Semester or Summer options
  • Classes available in many academic areas, great for students from many different majors
  • Cork is the second largest city in Ireland, close to Dublin and the beautiful Irish countryside

Dublin Parliament Internship

  • Semester program
  • For students interested in politics, intern multiple times a week in the Irish parliament while also learning about Irish history, society, and politics

University College Dublin

  • Limited to CALS students

University of Limerick

  • Good option for College of Engineering students and some other majors