Italy is known as one of Europe’s most sophisticated locations. This peninsula along the Mediterranean coast is the birthplace of the Renaissance. It’s art and architectural masterpieces attract millions of travelers each year. In Italy, you can find a country full of history and antique treasures. Italy is also known as the land of “la dolce vita” meaning “the sweet life”.

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Spain is the second largest country (by area) in Europe, located on the Iberian Peninsula, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. It was once a global empire and a great colonial power. Here, you can visit sandy beaches, ice-capped mountains, green lands, and historical cities that offer a great display of art and architecture. If you visit Spain, you could participate in their afternoon “siesta” and take a nap or spend extra time with family and friends. You could also participate in many of their annual fiestas and try the local paella. 




Greece offers both modern and ancient attractions. It has many archaeological and historical sites that have inspired education and culture around the world. Over 3,000 Greek islands are scattered in the Mediterranean, with about 200 being inhabited. In Greece, you will experience a diverse and lively culture centered around food, music, and tradition.