Logistical Preparations


Getting ready for your adventure abroad involves many moving parts. This section contains information that will be useful in the practical, planning stage of your trip.

Wondering if you need a credit card and if you need a bank account abroad? Tips for managing your funds while abroad: Money matters

What kind of luggage should I use? What to pack? To roll or not to roll, that is the question: Packing

Do you know the best day to buy your plane tickets? What about the best route to take? Find out more here: Travel

Getting used to your new home away from home will take a little time (as will being back home, once you are done.) Find out tips to minimize homesickness and become immersed in your new environment more quickly: Cultural adjustment

Do you have your passport?  Passports are a required item for any study/volunteer/intern experience outside of the United States: How to apply for a passport