Costa Rica

School for Field Studies Center for Ecological Resilience Studies

  • Summer: Biodiversity and Sustainable Food Systems or Environmental Justice from the Ground Up
  • Learn about the development of sustainability efforts of local farmers and growers while also learning about the biodiversity of Costa Rica

Veritas University in San Jose

  • 4, 5 or 8 week program
  • Spanish language, health care, Latin American studies, and environmental science focused classes
  • Excursions to the beach and rainforest included

CPI Spanish Immersion School

  • Various length programs
  • Spanish language classes


University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires

  • 4, 5 or 8 week options
  • Spanish language, Latin American studies, or a Medical Spanish and practicum option Excursions to other Argentian cities and events included




CEDEI in Cuenca

  • 6 week summer program
  • Spanish language and unpaid internships


School for Field Studies Center for Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies

  • Summer: Tropical Island Ecosystems: The Human Impact
  • Explore both the rainforests and tropical reefs of Panama while also learning about the impact of tourism on the islands

Turks and Caicos

School for Field Studies Center for Marine Resource Studies

  • Summer: Fundamentals of Marine Conservations or Marine Fauna
  • Spend time out in the open ocean learning about the animals and ecosystem. Option to become Scuba Certified

US Virgin Islands

EARTH Program on St. John Island

  • Summer service learning program


Faculty Led Programs

If you're looking to earn ISU credit, travel with other ISU students, and go on a shorter program, consider a faculty led study abroad program.