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We are here and ready to chat about your adventure abroad. You may think this is not the best time to talk about studying abroad, but you’d be wrong! The COVID-19 pandemic has shown just how interconnected our world is, and how important it is to work with people on a global scale.  Studying abroad is the first step in learning how other cultures, countries, and institutions can collaborate and learn from one another.  In addition, a study abroad term takes some planning, so let’s get started now! We are currently advising students on Summer and Fall 2022. Ready to see what’s out there, you can connect with us here.

Fall 2021 Program Update:

For Fall 2021, the default position is that study abroad programs will not be offered. Any exceptions will be listed on here, as well as the college websites for those programs that are led specific academic programs. Iowa State University’s International Working Group, collaborating with the Council on International Programs and Study Abroad Center, is evaluating options for a limited number of fall programs.

Students should be aware that all international travel continues to be classified as high risk. Even if a study abroad program is tentatively approved for an upcoming semester, that approval could be revoked at any time if global, in-country, or local conditions change, or if international travel is again suspended by the Board of Regents. This could happen before a planned departure, or during students’ time abroad, as it was in March 2020.


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