Strengthen your skills and build your resume with an international internship.

  • Internships are unpaid (there are a few exceptions in Engineering)
  • Work areas are available for many different majors
  • Most internships are in English, more opportunities for students in Spanish speaking countries with high levels of the language
  • Some programs are only an internship, others are a combination of courses and the internship placement
  • If you plan to also receive ISU credit for your internship abroad, you will also be assessed ISU tuition and fees in addition to the program fee


Summer Internship in Dublin

  • 9 or 11 week summer program
  • Full time internship, with placements in a variety of different areas of work
  • The program is open to all, but works really well for students with required internships such as Criminal Justice, Journalism, and Public Relations.

Parliament Internship

  • Semester program
  • Alongside classes related to Irish society and politics, students will have an internship in one of the houses of the Irish Parliament


London Internship Program

  • Semester or Summer (8 week summer program)
  • Courses and internships in several disciplines. Students intern 3 days a week in addition to 2 courses, one related to the internship and another from a list of England/London focused classes


Summer Museum Internship

  • 8 week summer program
  • Internship placement options include museums and historic architectural site in Scotland. Students take 4 weeks of classes to prepare for the internship and then 4 weeks in their internship.


CEDEI in Cuenca

  • 6 week summer program
  • Spanish language and unpaid internships


RWTH Aachen Universeity

  • 10 week summer program
  • Research internship
  • Limited to College of Engineering students

Other Locations

Some of ISU's study abroad partners offer internships that the Study Abroad Center does not have listed online, but these programs are still available to ISU students. Some examples of places students have had internships abroad include South Korea, Australia, Spain, among others. If you're interested in learning more about internships in the following areas of the world, please email the study abroad advisor listed.

Asia: Nicole Humphrey,

Africa: Nicole Humphrey,

Spain: Monika Ackerman, 

Europe (France): Danette Bontrager,

Europe (Italy): Nicole Humphrey,

Europe (except France, Italy, and Spain): Ben McKelfresh,