Other Options: Working, Teaching, Interning, and Volunteering Abroad



There are literally millions of options for using your skills abroad. Finding a good fit can be a bit of a challenge, though. Below you’ll find information on how to make decisions regarding your experience abroad.

For a great overview of the process and logistics of going abroad for long-term or short-term employment or internships, see the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics article entitled Working Abroad: Finding international internships and entry-level jobs.

The process for obtaining a work visa can be long and complex, and without legal paperwork granting you the right to work in the country, you’re an “illegal alien” or “undocumented worker” and so subject to fines, imprisonment, and/or deportation; but there are resources that can help you navigate the paperwork or will provide you with a work permit for a small fee; many will also provide on-the-ground support once you arrive in-country. See:

ISU students have found jobs and internships through the following providers:

Internships and volunteer placements can also be part of a study abroad program. Do an “advanced search” in ISUAbroad using “internship” or “volunteer/service-learning” in the “area of study” field search.

Most teaching abroad positions involve teaching English to students (elementary through adult) who want a native speaker to teach them or to serve as the “teacher aide” in their class. Resources include the following providers:

If you’re a certified teacher (K-12), consider registering with the University of Northern Iowa’s Overseas Placement Services and attending their Recruiting Fair.