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Jenna Engelking

Jenna Engelk­ing

Home­town: Rock City, Illinois

Major: Ani­mal Ecology

Study Sites: Cuenca, Ecuador

Study abroad helped me real­ize my love for trav­el­ing and dif­fer­ent areas of the world can become part of my career.

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tyler shannon

Tyler Shan­non

Home­town: John­ston, Iowa

Major: Mechan­i­cal Engineering

Study Sites: Swansea, Wales

Whether it was the food and drinks, his­toric mon­u­ments, world his­tory, or nat­ural beauty, every part of my expe­ri­ence was some­thing I will never forget.

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Bran­don Woods

Home­town: Urban­dale, Iowa

Major: Biol­ogy Pre-Vet

Study Sites: Uni­ver­sity of Tas­ma­nia, Australia

Study­ing abroad has strength­ened my per­sonal beliefs and dis­tin­guished me from my peers. It fueled my desire to go to vet school but also gave me a clearer focus on who I am and who I want to be.

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Nicholas Mor­ton

Home­town: Fair­field, Iowa

Major: Envi­ron­men­tal Science/ Polit­i­cal Science

Study Sites: Uni­ver­sity of the South Pacific, Fiji Islands

I learned to trust myself and to go with the flow, because life is no thing to hurry through. Slow­ing down and see­ing the world fully is so reward­ing and worthwhile.

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Megan Downey

Home­town: Cedar Rapids, IA

Major: Biol­ogy

Study Sites: Edin­burgh, Scotland

What study abroad has done for me that I think will help me the most is that it has opened up my eyes to every­thing that is out there waiting.

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Shanna Delfs

Home­town: Coun­cil Bluffs, IA

Major: Jour­nal­ism and Mass Communications

Study Sites: Uni­ver­sity of New­cas­tle; New­cas­tle, Australia

I have really come to believe that trav­el­ling and expe­ri­enc­ing new cul­tures has made me more of a well-rounded per­son as well as being able to relate to peo­ple from other coun­tries better.

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Joseph Sev­cik

Home­town: Cedar Falls, IA

Major: Kine­si­ol­ogy and Health

Study Sites: Uni­ver­sity of Otago, New Zealand

I got more out of the expe­ri­ence than I ever could have hoped for or even describe. It was the lit­tle every­day things that really made the experience.

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Dan Podle­sak

Home­town: Crys­tal Lake, IL

Major: Soci­ol­ogy & Inter­na­tional Studies

Study Sites: ISEP — Uni­ver­sity of Dort­mund, Dort­mund, Germany

After study­ing abroad, the entire world feels much more invit­ing, and I can’t wait to see as much of it as I can.

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Clay Hopes

Home­town: Treynor, IA

Major: Mechan­i­cal Engineering

Study Sites: Edin­burgh, Scotland

While your eyes open up to the world, you are meet­ing and iden­ti­fy­ing with sev­eral other peo­ple doing the exact same thing you are, who you have never met before.

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Mt Victoria Lookout

Kelsie Miller

Home­town: Urban­dale, Iowa

Major: Kine­si­ol­ogy and Health

Study Sites: Uni­ver­sity of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

Study­ing abroad affirmed my pas­sion for trav­el­ing but also made me real­ize the impor­tance of tak­ing time to slow down the busy pace of every­day life and to enjoy new experiences.

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IMG_2750 small

Emily Hall

Home­town: John­ston, Iowa

Major: Eng­lish

Study Sites: Exeter, Eng­land


Reed Buck­stead

Home­town: Sioux City, IA

Major: Eng­lish Edu­ca­tion; Minor: Psy­chol­ogy, Coaching

Study Sites: Lorenzo de Medici in Flo­rence, Italy

Study­ing abroad truly was the best four months of my life. Long or short, there’s a pro­gram for you!

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Franny Clary

Franny Clary

Home­town: Bloom­ing­ton, MN

Major: Nutri­tional Sci­ence, Dietetics

Study Sites: Peru and Costa Rica

The expe­ri­ence has given me moti­va­tion to return and con­tinue expe­ri­enc­ing new ways of life so I can develop a more diverse under­stand­ing of the world.

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Stasia Krafve profile picture

Sta­sia Krafve

Home­town: Maple Grove, MN

Major: Account­ing

Study Sites: Swansea Uni­ver­sity, Wales

The things I learned abroad could never have been taught from a text­book, and the knowl­edge you get from an expe­ri­ence such as this is priceless!

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Janavi Kumar's profile image

Janavi Kumar

Home­town: Ban­ga­lore, India

Major: Genet­ics

Study Sites: Edin­burgh, Scotland

After talk­ing to a stu­dent ambas­sador dur­ing my junior year, I knew I wanted to study in the charm­ing city of Edin­burgh in “Bonny Scotland”.

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Oles Elizabeth

Eliz­a­beth Oles

Home­town: Wheaton, Illi­nois

Major: Apparel Mer­chan­dis­ing, Entrepreneurship

Study Sites: Flo­rence, Italy

There are so many oppor­tu­ni­ties and life expe­ri­ences that study­ing abroad offers that can only ben­e­fit stu­dents. Don’t wait until the last minute and let study­ing abroad pass you by!

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