Hong Kong

English as one of Hong Kong’s official languages. It also offers a subtropical climate and thriving food scene. Most have the image of Hong Kong as a bustling financial center, but almost half of its territory consists of parks and nature reserves surrounding the downtown area, which are great for hiking. 

HK University of Science & Tech

HK Baptist University


South Korea

Gangnam style, K-pop, a rich history and a fascinating political climate can all be seen up close in Seoul. The highest ranked university in Korea, Seoul National University, offers a wide range of subject areas taught in English. Seoul Women’s University offers a 4-week summer program focusing on the history, politics, food, and culture. 

Seoul Women's University


Japan is an ideal location for studying abroad. From trendy Tokyo to picturesque Mount Fuji, you will encounter a unique culture, amazing food, and friendly people. Course offerings range from Japanese language, culture, politics, and history to upper-level agriculture, math, and science courses taught in English.

Nagoya University