Meet the Advisors


Carley Haus

Major: Industrial Engineering and Spanish

Program: Spring Semester at Universidad de Nebrija in Madrid, Spain


Favorite Course Abroad: International Management

Favorite Food Abroad: My host mom made a delicious, homemade chickpea and spinach soup that I crave every day.

During a typical day abroad I… Took the metro to my university, went to class, got MANY steps in while exploring Madrid, and ate lots of Tapas (free appetizers!)

While abroad, I wish I had…

My three tips for someone who will be studying abroad are:

  1. “Don’t be afraid to travel alone. You will meet so many other students from all over the world that just want to make friends too. It’s like being a freshman again!”
  2. “Travel lots… but also spend some time exploring your own city and its wonders.”
  3. “Have a journal to help remember all the fun things you do.”


Come talk with me:

Tuesday: 2-5

Wednesday: 3-5

Thursday: 3-5


Cinestie Olson

Major: Public Relations and International Studies

Program: Semester in Urbino, Italy, Spring 2020


Favorite Course Abroad: Renaissance Art History

Favorite Food Abroad: Giovanni’s Shrimp Pasta

During a typical day I…would go to the Fortezza, which is a place where students would go to hang out. It was on top of a huge hill that overlooked the entire city. It was a perfect place to nap in the sun and have picnics!

While abroad, I wish I had… traveled to other countries/bigger cities when I had weekends off!

My three tips for someone who will be studying abroad are:

  1. “Be open mined! Everything you know now is completely different when you study abroad. Accept the differences and embrace them.”
  2. “Contact you family often. They are probably just as excited as you are studying abroad – send them snapchats or texts about the things you do that day!”
  3. “Don’t hold back on anything. Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most. Take all the pictures you want. Get your hair wet in the ocean. Try a new food. You’re already stepping out of your comfort zone by studying in a different country, why not take more steps?”

Come talk with me:

Tuesday: 10-12

Thursday: 10-12

Friday: 12-2


Dharma Gregerson

Major: Biology

Program: Semester, Turks and Caicos

Favorite Course Abroad: Tropical Marine Ecology

Favorite Food Abroad: Caribbean spiced barbecue chicken

During a typical day abroad I… would go to class from 8-12 then have lunch by the pool, typically go back to class from 1-4 and then spend the rest of the day snorkeling and working on group projects.

While abroad, I wish I had… taken more pictures or my friends, the landscape, the food, everything.

My three tips for someone who will be studying abroad are:

  1. “Put yourself out there and don't be scared to try new things”
  2. “Set up a schedule with friends and family to call or facetime them so you don’t feel so far away and get homesick”
  3. “Interact with the local community”


Come talk with me:

Wednesday: 10-2

Thursday: 2-5

Friday: 1-3


Finian Kannegiesser

Major: German Education

Program: Cathedrals of France, Paris, Three Weeks


Favorite Course Abroad: Cathedrals of France

Favorite Food Abroad: Sandwiches

During a typical day abroad I… explored Paris and tried to eat lots of good food and see beautiful buildings and gardens.

While abroad, I wish I had… Air conditioning.

My three tips for someone who will be studying abroad are:

  1. “Don’t be afraid to try new foods. You may find something you really like.
  2. “Pay attention to how the people of the country carry themselves.  You can learn a lot about how a culture operates just through a bit of (respectful) people watching.
  3. “Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path.  There is more to a place than the top tourist destinations.


Come talk with me:

Monday: 12-2

Tuesday: 11-2

Thursday: 12-2

Friday: 10-11


Leah Gebeke

Major: Public Relations

Program: A Semester Abroad in Urbino, Italy

(Spring of 2020)


Favorite Course Abroad: Italian

Favorite Food Abroad: Spaghetti Carbonara

During a typical day abroad I would meet my friends in the campus dining hall where we would eat breakfast, and that consisted of a pastry and coffee from a coffee machine. From there, we would all walk our scenic route to class, taking in the views of the countryside and architecture. Our first class of the day would be Italian, and halfway through class we would stop at the café around the corner to grab another cup of coffee. After class, we usually had a break in between classes, so we would grab lunch in town and head up to the Fortezza where we would take in the views and the occasional nap. From there we would head back to class, head home and do our assigned homework, then eat dinner and get lost in the city.

While abroad, I wish I taken more travel opportunities to explore the country and Europe as a whole. 

My three tips for someone who will be studying abroad are:

  1. “Document your trip as much as possible. Keep your ticket stubs, journal your experiences, photograph and take videos of your friends/your day-to-day life abroad, store some rocks from your favorite park, etc. Those are keepsakes that you will want to have for a lifetime.”
  2. “At museums or exhibits, ask if they have student discounts, and show your student ID (from either ISU or the university you’re studying abroad with).”
  3. “It is completely normal to be homesick for that first week, but once you establish a routine and get familiar with the culture and lifestyle, the rest will fall into place.”


Come talk with me:

  • Wednesday: 2:00 – 5:00 pm
  • Thursday: 2:00 – 4:00 pm
  • Friday: 2:00 – 5:00 pm


Phoebe Legg

Major: Apparel Merchandising and Design, and Communication Studies

Program: (duration and location)

Spring 2020, Lorenzo de Medici, Florence, Italy

Favorite Course Abroad: History of Italian Fashion

Favorite Food Abroad: Authentic Italian Pasta Dishes

During a typical day abroad I…

I would start my typical day off by making coffee and then walk to class. In between classes I would go and study at either La Menagere or Dita Argentina and have a cappuccino and croissant. For lunch I would either make something at home or try a new place with a friend. After classes were over I would try and explore different areas of Florence, which was usually the highlight of my day. Lastly, for dinner I would either make something at my apartment or try a new restaurant with a friend. One restaurant I really enjoyed was called Brac. It was actually right next to my apartment and did not have a sign. It was the type of place that you had to know was there, and was also an art gallery, which made it really special to me.

While abroad, I wish I had…

I wish I would have had more time to explore the museums and other sightseeing spots of Florence. I was waiting until it got warmer, but I should have balanced it out more week by week.

My three tips for someone who will be studying abroad are:

  1. “Make a budget”
  2. “If the locals recommend a certain food(s), try it”
  3. “Just do something fun everyday, even if it’s only exploring a new coffee shop”


Come talk with me:

Monday: 10-1

Wednesday: 1-3

Friday: 11-2


Sydney Einck

Major: Management Information Systems (MIS)

Program: Semester in Seoul, South Korea. (Program is Konkuk University but we no longer work with Konkuk)

Favorite Course Abroad: American Film Studies

Favorite Food Abroad: Bibimbap

During a typical day abroad I… would attend my morning classes, each lunch with classmates/friends, and then head out into the city. My friends and I would go to landmarks, parks and cafes.

While abroad, I wish I had… taken a weekend trip to Jeju Island.

My three tips for someone who will be studying abroad are:

  1. “Don’t fear a language barrier”
  2. “Travel on your own every once in a while, it’s much different traveling than in a group”
  3. “Don’t be afraid to try different foods!”


Come talk with me:

Monday: 2-5pm

Wednesday: 2-4pm

Friday 2-4pm


Patrick Miller

Major: Industrial Engineering and  Master of Business Administration

Program: College of Engineering University of Limerick full semester ( got only half)


Favorite Course Abroad: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Favorite Food Abroad: Fresh corn beef cabbage from London Street Market

During a typical day abroad I… Relax, attend a couple of classes. Go out and explore around campus or the city. Plan for weekend trips. We would usually travel Thursday-Sunday

While abroad, I wish I had… Kept a more complete list of all the little places and stores that I had visited.

My three tips for someone who will be studying abroad are:

  1. “Plan a lot Broadly and then figure out details for trips at a time because It will seem extremely stressful”
  2. “Really take advantage of being abroad in terms of interacting with and learning about different cultures”
  3. “Make sure to call your parents, They are so much more worried about you than you think”


Come talk with me:

Monday: 3-5

Tuesday: 12-2

Wednesday: 3-5


Kathryn Cosgrove

Major: Supply Chain Management and Spanish

Program: ISA Valencia Semester Program and ISU on the Mediterranean: Summer in Valencia, Spain

Favorite Course Abroad: Statistics class or Spanish classes

Favorite Food Abroad: Paella

During a typical day abroad I would go to class and study in the center with my friends. We would explore our city or go to the beach after class! On the weekends we would go all over Europe and make amazing memories.

While abroad, I wish I had taken every exploration opportunity that the program had to offer. A lot of the time, programs will have built in exploratory and cultural experiences that help you get to know the place you are staying.

My three tips for someone who will be studying abroad are:

  1. “Not everything is going to go as planned, but this is part of the unique part of experience abroad”
  2. “Be open minded always.”
  3. “Don’t be afraid to try new things and talk to new people, you never know what fun stories you will come back with!”


Come talk with me:

Monday: 1-3

Tuesday: 2-5

Thursday: 12-3