The study abroad programs available through Iowa State’s Study Abroad Center vary in cost. Some programs are comparable to what students pay to attend Iowa State, while others could be more expensive. For each approved program, students will find a budget sheet that outlines all related program expenses, everything from airfare to visa. These program budgets will give students and their families a very good idea of what it will cost to do the program with everything factored in. You can take a look at a sample budget sheet for one of our programs in Germany.

The budget includes two subtotals. The top one is called billable subtotal.  These are the amounts that will be billed through Iowa State’s U-Bill. For an explanation of what is included in these amounts, please read the “Notes” section at the bottom of the budget sheet. The other subtotal shown is for non-billable items. These figures are estimates for expenses students incur before and during their study abroad program such as airfare, food, local transportation, personal expenses, etc. Please note as these figures are just estimates. It is possible that students could spend more or less than the amount shown. 

These budget sheets are available so that students and their families can prepare financially for the experience abroad. In addition, the Iowa State Office of Student Financial Aid has access to these budgets so they can adjust student aid packages for their term abroad (if applicable). When in doubt, students are encouraged to contact the Study Abroad Center for questions on program expenses. We are able to suggest programs that fit various budgets.  Keep in mind that student scholarships can often be used toward study abroad programs, and students can apply for additional scholarships that are specifically for study abroad.