Statement on Fees


ISU Semester in programs, ISU Summer in programs, ISU Exchange programs, Affiliate programs, and Non-ISU programs

$600    Semester programs (excludes college exchange programs)

$350    Summer programs

            Withdrawal fees
            ISU withdrawal fees (for students in “Committed” status):

                        31 to 60 days prior                  $100

                        1 to 30 days prior                    $200

                        Start-date or after                     full study abroad program fee

The fees above are ISU’s withdrawal fees. The host institution or affiliate provider may have withdrawal fees and/or other nonrefundable fees in addition to the above and vary by program.


ISU faculty-led group programs

$105    Study Abroad Administrative Fee (all)

$75      Project Assist Fee (optional)


            Withdrawal fees
            Withdrawal fees vary by program and may include non-refundable costs paid on the
            participant’s behalf.