Student Blogs Fall 2019

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Kasturi Khanke
Major: Industrial Design
Program/University: A Semester Exchange at KTH
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Amanda Gorzney
Major: Global Resource Systems and Agricultural Communications
Program/University: The American Farm School- Perrotis University
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Name: Tia Nieland
Major: Graphic Design
Program/University: Iowa State University Design Program
Location: Rome, Italy 

Michelle Pasek
Major: Hospitality Management
Program/University: Business and Tourism with Locals and Spanish Language
Location: Barcelona, Spain


Paige Marquardt
Major: Apparel Merchandising and Design
Program/University: Lorenzo de Medici
Location: Florence, Italy

Name: Sara Gliniecki
Major: English and German
Program/University: A Semester In Edinburgh 
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland 

Emily Siebenaler
Major: Supply Chain Management
Program/University: Lancaster University
Location: Lancaster, England