Before You Apply


You have decided to expand your Iowa State adventure even further by going abroad. So, what’s the next step?

You can start by searching ISUAbroad for programs you might be interested in. Whether you would like to do a short-term program, a semester or year abroad, intensive language study, or find an internship, you can find it through ISUAbroad. Study Abroad Center programs are open to any student in any major. Each ISU college has additional programs available. College programs are typically intended for students enrolled in that college, but there are exceptions. For example, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences allows any student in any major to participate on their programs. You can apply for any ISU study abroad program, as well as study abroad scholarships, directly through ISUAbroad.

If you would like help with any part of the process, we encourage you to connect with us virtually at this time. You can also call (515) 294-6792 with general questions during business hours or email

Attending the study abroad fair is another great way to learn about available programs. Fairs are held toward the beginning of each semester (usually mid-September and mid-January) in the Memorial Union. This is a great opportunity to interact with staff and students who have already studied abroad. They can provide you with information on various programs.