Video Contest

Welcome to the Annual Study Abroad Video Contest!


The Iowa State Study Abroad Center Video Contest is your chance to share your study abroad experience with the Iowa State community! The top video will be featured on the Study Abroad Center website and awarded a $250 flight voucher! The deadline for submission is August 15. Participating students should have studied abroad sometime during the 12 months prior to the deadline.


– Maximum 3 minutes
– Highlight the study abroad program
– Include at least one academic, internship, or university related scene
– Use video footage, don’t make a photo slideshow
– Suitable for distribution
– Participants must be Iowa State students who have studied abroad sometime during the 12 months prior to the deadline

How to Submit

All entries must be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo. Please email Ben McKelfresh ( with a link to your video. After review by the Study Abroad Center, you will be given further information.

Terms and Conditions

You acknowledge you have the rights to all content used to create your video. You give the Iowa State University Study Abroad Center permission to use your submissions in various marketing initiatives and/or the web for the purpose of promoting study abroad. All submissions will become property of the Iowa State University Study Abroad Center and may be used for the
purposes above.


1) Use a tripod. Shaky footage can ruin an amazing moment, so find a way to mount your camera to something steady (GorillaPods can attach to many different objects). If you don’t have a tripod, connect the camera to a stationary object. Once you hit record, you should be able to take your hands away from the camera. If your shot is hand held, avoid moving around while recording. Keep a steady hand and keep your subject in the frame.
2) Shoot everything horizontally or in widescreen, especially you iPhone videographers. That way in the editing phase, you will not have to zoom in or deal with black sidebars.
3) Avoid panning and zooming! Your shots will be more appealing if you let the action take place in front of the camera. Avoid using the “digital zoom” feature of your camera. This actually degrades the resolution of the full video frame.
4) Be bold, creative, and have fun! If you have to shoot 10 takes to get the perfect shot, so be it! In the end you’ll be glad you did.

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