Program Approval & Risk Management Policy

ISU Under­grad­u­ate Inter­na­tional Travel and Study Abroad Risk
Man­age­ment Policy

The Edu­ca­tion Abroad Com­mit­tee (EAC) reviews and approves ISU
under­grad­u­ate group study abroad pro­gram pro­pos­als. Pro­grams that are
pro­posed for loca­tions with a U.S. State Depart­ment Travel Alert or a U.S. State Depart­ment Travel Warn­ing are gen­er­ally not encour­aged, but may be approved after addi­tional review that is focused on the ade­quacy of risk mit­i­ga­tion
mea­sures that are planned for the spe­cific pro­posed pro­gram and loca­tion. Such pro­grams are first reviewed by the EAC and then referred to the Study Abroad Risk Man­age­ment Com­mit­tee (SARMC) for fur­ther review of risk assess­ment and mit­i­ga­tion. If the SARMC finds rea­son­able ratio­nale for the value of the pro­gram and deter­mines that safety and risk con­cerns are appro­pri­ately and ade­quately addressed related to the State Depart­ment Alert or Warn­ing, the pro­gram will likely be approved.

SARMC is also con­vened to deter­mine if can­cel­la­tion or other sta­tus changes are war­ranted for ISU under­grad­u­ate inter­na­tional travel and study abroad pro­grams when a U.S. State Depart­ment Travel Alert or a U.S. State Depart­ment Travel Warn­ing is issued for a coun­try where ISU pro­grams have been approved by the EAC or where ISU pro­grams are in progress. The SARMC may be con­vened at any point in time prior to or dur­ing a pro­gram as cir­cum­stances warrant.

Depart­ments, col­leges, and/or Pro­gram Direc­tors may, at their dis­cre­tion, can­cel their program(s) with­out review by the SARMC.

The SARMC is com­prised of the Asso­ciate Provost for Aca­d­e­mic Pro­grams (Chair), the Vice Pres­i­dent for Stu­dent Affairs or designee, the Direc­tor of the Study Abroad Cen­ter, the Travel Physi­cian at the Thie­len Stu­dent Health Cen­ter Travel Clinic, an attor­ney from the Office of Uni­ver­sity Coun­sel, and the Direc­tor of the Office of Risk Management.