What can I do abroad?

• take classes in your major or minor

• fulfill your Designated Area of Concentration requirements

• learn a language

• take electives

• do an internship or service-learning

• challenge yourself, gain independence, and enhance your job prospects

• make friends and create networking connections around the world

• expand your worldview

Note on Courses and Transfer Credits

What if I don’t know another language?

• take language courses abroad

• take courses taught in English

• go to an English-speaking country

How do I decide?

• figure out what you want to gain from the experience (adventure, certain courses, short-term versus longer stay abroad, classes versus service/internship)

• talk to a Peer Advisor in the Study Abroad Center

• talk with a study abroad advisor in the Study Abroad Center

Once I’ve decided to go, then what?

search for programs

• talk to the coordinator of the program

• talk to your academic advisor

apply for the program

apply for a passport